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Celebrities love Majorca

Majorca: Island of Celebrities

Heat arrives, and it’s time for summer vacation planning. Celebrities are very clear about it. They tend to repeat the same destinations every year. 
Among all the places in the world, we can find an area for its: climate, its beaches and great food every year welcomes a host of celebrities. We refer to the Mediterranean coast.
The Spanish island of Mallorca has nothing to be desired as far as glamorous is concerned. Some of their houses and spectacular mansions tend to be visited summer after summer for personalities to reveal its streets, its monuments and sailing competitions.
aithful visitors of this destination are among members of the Spanish Royal Family. As every year they will visit Majorca in the summer. It is widely known that King Juan Carlos’ love for the island is very strong. In fact, the isle is popular with the entire royal family, including King Juan Carlos' son, Prince Felipe, who also spend their holidays there. He even maintains a retreat and a yacht there for his regular Majorca holidays.
In the Marivent Palace, official residence of the Royal Family, they have welcomed many important personalities, as Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha before returning to the U.S., who made ​a quick stop for lunch with the king and Princess Letizia.

Also, Majorca is a popular destination for celebrities, as international as Spanish. These, hidden behind large sunglasses and a hat, try to go unnoticed before the eyes of tourist and locals, but most of all, the camera lens of gossip magazines. Among them we can name Woody Allen, who was playing with the New Orleans Jazz Band in Majorca for celebrating the New Year in 2009 and the rich heiress Paris Hilton, who showed off glamorous bikinis and provocative evening dresses all over the island. Furthermore, the billionaire chose the awesome beaches and countryside of Ibiza, another Balearic island, to become the scene of her video of 2010. Another example could be the actor Adam Sandler, who, taking advantage of presenting the movie “Grown Ups” in Palma de Majorca, he had a dip in the pool at his hotel. The actor enjoyed his spare time acting as a child.
Majorca is well visitid by celebrities and many have second homes on the island so that they can return again and again. Some examples are Ana Obregón, Antonia dell’Atte, Claudia Schiffer, Valentino and Carmen Martinez Bordiú.
Antonio Banderas is the owner of a holiday villa in Majorca, the same as Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, where have a $4 million castle as villa on a hill overlooking the island. Michael says he loves it for its scenery and its rich history and spends time at his villa as often as possible.
Like many British holidaymakers, Kerry Katona comes year by year, because as she says “I love the fact that I can eat English food whilst on my holiday”. Since there are so many tourists, especially from Germany and UK, there are lots of bars and restaurants that serve typical English food and speak fluent English. She has been spotted with Patsy Kensit many times going for dinner together, with or without the children. Both are also huge fans of the island’s water parks.
As well as the water parks, Majorca offers plenty of family attractions from the Pirates Adventure Park in Palma to the ethereal Caves of Drach. The Caves of Drach are a favourite destination with Pauline Quirke, the actress most famous for playing the role of Sharon Theodopolopoudos in the classic British sitcom "Birds of Feather".
Shops of Spanish fashions and leather stuff can be bought in the main street of the city at extremely reasonable prices. Cynthia Lennon and her son Julian are huge shoppers and usually come to the island for its shopping opportunities; her favourite place on the island is the area of Soller.
So, we recommend visiting Majorca, whether you have a relaxing vacation, because you will find secluded coves to relax, or if you prefer to visit the most popular on the island, where you can find everything from stores to the best bars and restaurants and a exciting nightlife, and why not, to see some celebrities sunbathing on the beach or a beer on the terrace.
Any part of the island is nice to visit, but in the Capital City, Palma, you will find Gothic architecture, framed within a downtown area full of corners with history to discover. In small populations in the mountains, where life continues its slow pace and often turned into shelters of different people you can find beaches with crystal clear waters and mingle with the native population, forming part of the most authentic Majorca.

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