Thursday, 9 September 2010

Zagreb hotels and accommodation

When visiting Croatia, you simply must spend a weekend Zagreb Croatia sightseeing. There is simply nothing to compare to Zagreb Croatia sights, such as the amazing fortress leading to the castle, or the ancient town square dotted with statues and fountains. You can also take the walking path through the gardens, as long as you can find Zagreb Croatia hotels that meet your needs.

In fact, it is quite easy to find hotels in Zagreb Croatia. You might be surprised to know that there is a lot of things to be offered in Zagreb Croatia. For instance, you can find discount hotels Zagreb Croatia that are going to meet your needs just as much as expensive ones. You might not know it but Zagreb Croatia cheap hotels are on just about every street, and by going to you are going to be able to find even more, simply waiting for you!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The World Through Beer Goggles: Oktoberfests Everywhere!

The original Oktoberfest in Munich
People just can’t get enough of Oktoberfest—from shouting out “Zigga-zagga zigga-zagga hoy hoy hoy!” and singing, “Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, gemutlichkeit!” endlessly (and endlessly, and…) to doing the Chicken Dance while drinking beer with Homer Simpson. Or is it just me?

The original Oktoberfest, in Munich (above), kicks off this Saturday, September 19, and runs through October 4. But if you can’t be in Germany this year because you’re traveling, chances are pretty good there’s an Oktoberfest celebration wherever you’ll be. Here, some of the more interesting fall beer-fests in some unlikely locations:

Biking the Rila Moutains

Photo: Benoît Peverelli
Bulgaria's enchanting Rila Mountains are a prime spot for cycling, communing with shepherds, visiting serene monasteries, and—for Gregory Dicum—joining sacred line dances at dawn

I was riding my mountain bike down a steep path into a wooded gorge. Niki Titev, a member of the Bulgarian national mountain biking team, was, predictably, far ahead of me when a woman emerged from the woods at the side of the trail. I stopped and smiled. Clad in a head scarf, her hands stained purple from picking blueberries, Nedjibe was a Pomak—a part of the Bulgarian Muslim minority. When I asked whether I could take her picture, she shook her head back and forth in the charmingly confusing Bulgarian gesture for yes.

While Titev comes to Rila to bomb down the ski runs at Borovets, Nedjibe comes to gather berries and fatten her sheep in the high summer meadows. Across a gulf of centuries, they have these mountains in common.

Best Hotel Hot Tubs

Luxurious hot tubs from bucolic China to downtown Manhattan have more than warm water in common—the views are incomparable.
There’s no escaping it: after a day hoofing it around Paris from Montmartre to Montparnasse; off-roading in a bare-bones Land Rover on safari in Botswana; or attacking moguls in Vail, CO, the day’s activities are bound to haunt you. One of the oldest, most common ways known to man to relieve aches and pains is also one of today’s most luxurious and coveted amenities. In ancient times, the Romans named it the caldarium; we simply call it the hot tub.

The Hotel on Rivington, New York City 
Today, hot tubs are tucked into balconies and placed like ornate centerpieces on white-sand beaches. Hotels are increasingly charging architects with creating steaming jet-powered oases that will fuel guests’ imagination and allow them to while away their vacation in warmth—and turn to Jell-O.

And that’s exactly what happened when Resorts West partnered with Ski magazine and Deer Valley Resort in 2007 to build the most idyllic ski-in, ski-out home possible. Resorts West CEO and cofounder Joe Ballstaedt wanted to one-up the extravagant lodges he had visited in Europe and South America—especially when it came to the après-ski amenities.

Warsaw, the heart of Poland

You are cordially invited to Warsaw – the capital city of Poland – a city worth seeing. Be our guest here and let yourself get carried away by the unforgettable atmosphere of this place. The only thing you need to do in order to fall under its spell is to spend here a few days.

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw is an unusual city situated in the centre of Europe, on the intersection of communication routes connecting the West with the East and the North with the South of the Continent. It fascinates visitors with history, climate, monuments. Arouses curiosity with its individualism. Intrigues with its multifaceted culture – the sequel of mutual influence of the Western and Eastern Europe. Adopts changes brought by new epochs and preserves tradition at the same time. Every day, surprises with dynamic growth manifesting itself in the conspicuous changeability of its image.

Athens hotels and accommodation

Athens  is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cities with a history dating back at least 3000 years. It is both the largest and the capital city of the Attica periphery. The current population of Athens is around 3.5 million. There is so much to do in Athens that you need much more time than just a weekend. Athens has an incredible history and is a top destination for tourism in Europe. The hotels in Athens can offer many different services and amenities to suit the needs of every traveler. There are plenty of Athens hotels that can be found in every price range. The discount hotels Athens has available are found effortlessly using . Athens cheap hotels are an excellent way for travelers to stretch their budget to enjoy the plethora of sites and attractions.

A quick visit to the city of Athens in Greece

The Acropolis of Athens
I recently visited Athens to participate at a medical conference. It was an opportunity for change as I am doctor at a hospital in Spain with a very busy daily program. Two days before our arrival in Athens we were informed that the hotel we originally booked was not available anymore and were told to make other arrangements. We did contact a local travel agent and also we searched on the internet. The local travel agents did find some hotel options that for some reason looked to be too expensive so I decided to researcher deeper online.

Budapest is one of the Europe's most delightful and fun cities

More cosmopolitan than Prague, more romantic than Warsaw and more beautiful than both, Budapest straddles a gentle curve in the Danube, with the Buda Hills to the west and what is essentially the start of the Great Plain to the east. With parks brimming with attractions, museums filled with treasures, pleasure boats sailing up and down the scenic Danube Bend, Turkish-era thermal baths belching steam and a nightlife throbbing until dawn most nights, the Hungarian capital is one of the Continent's most delightful and fun cities.

And the human legacy is just as remarkable as Mother Nature's. Architecturally, Budapest is a gem, with a wealth of baroque, neoclassical, Eclectic and Art Nouveau (or Secessionist) buildings.

Tunisia, fascinating country at the Mediterranean Sea

Sidi Bou Said
Tunisia is one of Africa’s easiest destinations, a place where tourists almost outnumber the locals in high summer, and flock here for the golden sandy beaches, non-stop sunshine, and exoticism on tap. It’s a country where sand dunes peak like brushstrokes near Douz in the Sahara desert; the beautiful sun-bleached round houses of Jerba & Houmt Souq hide a multitude of ethnic groups, and the parched southern landscapes near Tozeur are contrasted with the sparkling water of the Mediterranean sea that frames Tunisia’s northern and eastern shores. The quiet beaches of the northern coast are a secret from package tourists sizzling on the heaving sandy stretches of Hammamet and Monastir. Star Wars film sets are crammed with tourist groups. The country’s capital, Tunis, is a gritty yet lively urban centre, where the walls of the medina get clogged by day visitors and shopkeepers keen to make a buck.

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