Affiliates offers the vastest variety of hotel accommodations in Europe with over 30,000 online bookable properties varying from 1 to 5 star hotels, bed and breakfasts, villas, and apartments.'s Affiliation Program enables you to quickly implement, with no cost to you, an online hotel reservation system which to provide your clients, earning substantial commissions for every booking generated from your system.

Via a link on your site or through other integrated methods, your clients can make online reservations using Medestino's booking system having access to our vast database of accommodations throughout Europe.

For all reservations made and confirmed, will then pay you a commission based on the total amount of reservations produced. At any time, you can check and supervise the bookings that are generated through your system and the commissions owed, which will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Why to become a member

- It’s Free: there is no entry or annual fee to join
- Commissions: substantial commissions for every reservation generated through your site
- Payments: each month straight into your bank account
- Costumer Relationship Management: Committed to maximize performance and to solve your problems
- Monthly Newsletters: for new destinations, accommodations, and updates regarding Medestino's system.

Get the answers you need in a few questions

What are the costs and benefits for affiliate partners?
There are no costs involved for the partner. Our program is based on revenue sharing, so through our content and reservation process in your website, we will help you to realize hotel reservations, for which we pay you a share of our commission. It is a real win-win solution for the partner and

How can I integrate in my website?
We deliver you a customized URL to add to the site, you do not need any specific technical know-how to be able to work with us.

Where should I put the link on my website?
Visitors are more likely to buy when they can easily find what they are looking for. We recommend affiliate partners to place the link in several locations on the website, e.g. after finishing the transaction for another service and not only on the more obvious places such as your homepage, the travel related parts or the navigation bar.

How can I monitor my traffic, bookings and commissions?
Affiliate partners can monitor the individual bookings real time. They can access their account online and monitor the overall statistics regarding traffic, bookings and commissions on a 24/7 basis. This is updated regularly with the latest information.

How does track partners reservations?
To track partners reservations we use your unique ID number in your link. This number is included also in the reservations made by the visitors on your website, so all reservations with the same ID number will be associated with the same partner.

Can you explain the commission structure?
We guarantee to pay commission on all realized bookings. The percentage is related to our commission, so you will enjoy the maximum benefit when we improve our commission terms with hotels. The model is performance related, the more bookings a partner does, the more the partner earns.

How and when do you pay me the earned commissions?
We pay commissions to affiliate partners by bank transfer in Euros, between 30 to 60 days after closure of the month when the booking has been realized.

When I operate more than one website, can I add up all bookings?

Yes you can, all bookings generated by your websites will be added and rewarded according to the total volume generated.

Who can I contact for help or more details?
Please contact us at or through your account manager.

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