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Wine Tourism

Wine tourism

As you know, wine tourism refers to tourism whose purpose is or includes the tasting, consumption or purchase of wine, often at or near the source. Wine tourism means organizing travel around the appreciation of, tasting of and purchase of wine. It combines discovering new landscapes and visiting to wineries, vineyards and restaurants know to offer unique vintages, as well as organized wine tours, wine festivals or other special events.  So, it gives you the opportunity to experience new sensations through wine for the pleasure of your senses: sight, taste and smell.
Some of the famous wines producing regions of the world have been producing wine for centuries or even millennia, and the production and the consumption of wine is deeply ingrained in the local culture. Getting out and visiting wine producers provides contact with local farmers and artisans who care deeply about the area. Wine growers are farmers, and their perspective on the local area and life in general, tends to be different from other locals typically encountered while travelling.
You do not need to be a wine expert to enjoy wine-tasting or a guided tour to a winery and its vineyards. There is plenty variety on offer, to suit different tastes and budgets the best wine regions. In some wineries you can find some courses and conferences whose you can learn the process to make wine or how to taste it to appreciate all its properties.
Many wine regions around the world have found it financially beneficial to promote such tourism. This is true not only “Old World” producers (such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy or Greece) have this kind of tourism, but also the so-called “New World Wine” regions (such as Australia, Argentina, Chile, United States or South Africa), where wine tourism plays an important role in advertising their products. In Argentina, for example, the Mendoza Province is becoming one of the tourist destinations in the country as Argentine wine strides to gain international recognition. Similarly the National Wine Centre of Australia showcases the Australian wine industry, and visitors from around the world visit Northern California’s Wine Country.
The main destinations are:
·       Australia:  
o   Margaret River
o   Swan Valley
·       France
o   Alsace
o   Burgundy
o   Bordeaux
o   Champagne
o   Languedoc-Roussillon
o   Provence
·       Italy
o   Langhe, Piedmont
o   Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano, Tuscany
o   Frascati, Rome
o   Viaggiarein plugia, Apulia
·       North America
o   Colorado’s Wine Country, Colorado
o   Finger Lakes, New York State
o   Napa Valley, California
o   Okanagan Valley, Canada
o   Sonoma Country, California
o   Willamette Valley, Oregon
·       Rest of Europe
o   Kakheti, Georgia
o   Douro, Portugal
o   Mosel Valley (Saarland), Germany
o   Mutenice Wine Region, Czech Republic
o   La Rioja, Spain
o   Tokaj, Hungary
o   Istria, Croatia
o   Galilee, Israel
o   Moldova
o   Tikves, Macedonia
o   Tokay, Slovaquia
·       Other parts of the world
o   Cape Winelands, South Africa
o   Marlborough, New Zealand
o   Mendoza, Argentina
o   Valle de Colchaqua, Chile

We recommend Wine Tourism in Greece
Located in the middle of mainland Greece, the vineyards of Central Greece, with extensive holdings in the grape-growing areas of Thessaly and Continental Greece, account for 32% of the Greek vineyards and 29% of winemaking facilities, many of which include infrastructure suitable for hosting visitors. This fact, in combination with the broad range of native and foreign grape varieties in cultivation and the numerous wines of all types that are produced, render wine tourism in Central Greece particularly interesting.
Wine tourism in Central Greece is highly recommended due to the long history of the area, where vineyards and wine were part of life as far back as prehistoric times. The important archaeological and architectural monuments that testify to its history and the notable museums that highlight it offer many opportunities for cultural tourism. The numerous and select food products of the area, with an emphasis on meat and dairy products, in combination with the great variety of local flavors and recipes, will lend the essential gastronomic dimension to any visit.
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