Friday, 17 June 2011

The Slovenian Las Vegas

200 years ago adventurers from all across Europe went to California searching for luck and wealth. Nowadays, instead of going to Nevada, they try their luck in a small country in the middle of Europe – called Slovenia. The Casino industry in Slovenia has been flourishing for the last 20 years. In the beginning it was attracting mostly Italian gamblers, but today even the Chinese gamblers are consider to try their luck in the Middle of Europe.
After the Second World War, the Allies together with Yugoslavia proposed few proposals for the new West Slovenian (at that time Yugoslavian) border with Italy. At the end the French proposal prevailed and the border was drawn in more or less same way as it still is now. After the place new border was decided, the town of Gorica (today Gorizia) was left to Italy but the suburbs of the town stayed in Yugoslavia without political or economical center. After facing the problems that come with having no political, economical or cultural center, the Slovenian communist authorities decided to start a constructing a new city next to the border, because they wanted to show the West the success that they where having trough the Communist Regime. The construction of the city started in 1947. Working brigades from all across Yugoslavia flowed into the area and started what you can call now the lighthouse of Slovenian urbanism.
Since the Slovenian independence and after Slovenia changed from economical system, Nova Gorica was left to itself for economical recovery. The development of tourism started and because of the border with Italy and high purchasing power of Italian customers, little business started taking over. For example: a small café shop became a huge business in a few years, operating with the biggest casinos in Slovenian. The company is today known as Družba HIT d.d.
The casino and hotel industry in Nova Gorica is attracting thousands and thousands of tourists from Italy, Austria and the rest of Europe. One of these casinos, internationally known is Hotel Perla operated by HIT d.d. and owning around 1138 slot machines and 87 playing tables, followed by Hotel Park owning 789 slot machines and 25 gaming tables.

Because the town is located in the middle between Venice and Ljubljana, you can make a stop there and try your luck! If you do not feel like making a gambl, you can go to the Slovenian seaside (45 min of driving) or to Slovenian sky trails (1h of driving).

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