Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Travel in Style

As the weather warms, you begin to feel that familiar yearning to pack a bag and take off for a weekend. There is something so glamorous about immersing yourself in a foreign environment, dressed in your favorite pieces and showing a very chic bag around. Most people, especially women love to travel, however not everyone knows what to pack and dress for a few days of sun and sea. Where ever your destination lies be always prepared with some good tips.

In many countries the first impressions mean a great deal and looking good has a lot to do with that. Taking leads from the local style does more than make you more comfortable, it also protects you. You want to dress as close to as the locals do if only as to not be targeted as a tourist with a nice camera and wallet full of money and credit cards.
A big no-no is travelers that tend to take their athletic shoes everywhere they go. True, they are comfortable but you can also easily wear flats that are as comfortable and will get you in more places. As a whole, Europeans dress in an extremely high-end and tailored fashion way. In a warm climate always bring clothes with wicking capabilities (fabric that pulls moisture away from skin) that is also fast drying. You might also want to bring a mix of clothing from dressier pieces to more casual. Don't be afraid to mix these together as it epitomizes the casual chic look. Be sure to pick comfortable stretchy fabrics when packing.
Packing light is key and mixing and matching your outfits is the biggest tip to looking great while traveling.
The main thing to remember when dressing fabulous while traveling is to be comfortable and confident with what you are wearing.
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