Thursday, 10 November 2011

Real life in Aspen
Walk into Aspen, Colorado, life becomes peaceful, sweet and special.

1 of the top 10 ski resorts in the USA, the most expensive real state price in the USA.The best tourism destination all year round, these didn’t make Aspen that special, but its environment, its people, its culture, its animal, its snow, its music, its luxury, its……All of them together, will make your trip to Aspen be a precious memory.

In different seasons, Aspen will give you different experience. Explore Aspen from hot
Colorful summer:

Flowers, music festivals and…..bears, will accompany all the way through your journey in Aspen during the whole summer.

Flowers everywhere: along the street, outside the local’s door, in every private and public garden. But no one picks them up. In Aspen, everything is in order, everybody has a good manner, and everywhere is beautiful. Enjoy every minute, every second, breath every fresh air will be what all you think, expect, want and consider.

Music everywhere: in downtown Aspen, beside the square, near the fountain, even outside the bakery, choose a place to sit down, enjoy the music from the musical school students which will be really fantastic. They all come from the top music schools in the USA (e.g. The Juilliard School) and all over the world, they’ll hold concerts in Aspen, they’ll go to the summer musical school in Aspen, and they’ll also enjoy the quiet practice time in Aspen. At that time, time stopped, only music flows…

Bears somewhere: during the night, if you see a bear walking across the street, don’t be surprised. Life in Aspen is just like this – natural. The forest is just nearby. And don’t be scared, they are our friends, this is for real in Aspen, they won’t hurt you, if they also saw you, they’ll walk away quietly. And all trash cans have a locker in Aspen, every time you throw the trash, remember to lock it up, because if a bear ate trash, it’ll die. So eco-friendly.

Golden autumn:
In the autumn, every tree starts to put on golden coat. Comparatively, it’s a little quiet during the autumn, off season comes. It’s time for the locals to have holidays. Most of the residents in Aspen are rich people who bought their houses in Aspen just for vocation, and they usually have their business in other cities, such as New York. So, in the autumn, everywhere is quiet, but still good for you to visit. You’ll enjoy the quiet time there, and also, you can climb up the mountain to see how beautiful Aspen is.

White winter:

Then, the winter comes, Aspen becomes busy again. It’s time for skiing,and for people from all over the world.
Busy, Busy, Busy and still Busy… the busiest season in Aspen is the winter. You’ll see people with skis, snowboards, goggles everywhere. Aspen mountains, Snowmass, buttermilk are all equipped up to welcome the guests from all over the world. If you don’t like skiing or snowboarding, Aspen is still worth visiting during the winter. 10 inches snow is normal in Aspen, for someone who hasn’t seen snow before, I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the snow here. You can walk into the deep snow, lay down on the snow, make a snow man…and have an all-white-Christmas, which will be even unforgettable. By the way, the buses in Aspen are all free, you only need to look for the route and get on the right bus, that’s all. Don’t forget to say hello, thanks and goodbye to the bus driver, they are always smiling at you and serving you with sincerity.

Green spring:
Fresh air, plenty of sunshine, warm weather, a green spring in Aspen will be so relaxing and joyful.

Elegant and beautiful, this small town in Colorado, USA, will bring you wonderful memories. Hope you’ll share with us your stories which are related to Aspen in the near future!

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