Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Blue lake (Голубое озеро).

Belarus is called the “lungs of Europe”. The origin of the name is the thousands of lakes and swamps that are located on the territory of Republic of Belarus. I would like to present only one but very interesting lake which is called “The Blue Lake”. I would rather call the color “turquoise” but it does not make a difference – the nature that is surrounding the lake is as amazing as the lake. The place is located in central Belarus, near the city of Slutck. Nevertheless the “blue” lake is so far from industrialized areas so you can feel pure connection with the nature. The history of the lake is not complicated: in the past there were deposits of chalk all over the place. That is why the color of the lake is so incredible. For your attention it is very very deep – 9 meters in some places.

You get more than just pleasure from swimming there - the clay which covers the bottom of the lake is very beneficial for your skin. All these clay scrubs that you’re buying in the store – you have here – natural, better, from the source.
This is the best place to go for a picnic on the sunny day with the family or friends and just relax, watching the marvelous work of the nature…

Location: Belarus

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