Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why you should visit Nicaragua

Have you ever imagined sand boarding in the top of an active volcano? What about bathing in the largest volcanic island inside fresh water in the world? Well, that’s the reason why Nicaragua has become a very popular destination these past years.  Nicaragua is the perfect mixture between nature and life, the country’s unstable political and economic situation from the past make it a still affordable country to visit. The country has only been open to tourism for a couple of years, the infrastructure is getting better and Nicaragua has become the most secure country in all Central America. The diversity of activities makes this small nation of Central America a very reasonably place to spend your holidays; the country respects natural environment implementing eco friendly development. In Nicaragua you won’t perceive mass concrete resorts or beaches full of tourists; for example you can visit the old fisherman town of San Juan Del Sur. This is the perfect destination if you are looking for a surfing spot; the town is full of small shops and restaurants and it is frequently popular for its night life. In this place, you will interact with locals, international surfers, backpackers and during holidays you will also network with the wealthy society from Managua.   
In Nicaragua, hotels vary on prices and style, but the most common factor they share is the Nicaraguan hospitality. You can either enjoy a relaxing evening in eco-friendly hotels in the pacific coast or spend a quality time enjoying local cousin in a small Bungalow in the Atlantic Coast.  When visiting the Caribbean region, you will meet Nicaraguans who speak fluent English, as this region was once controlled by English colons. Once there you can stopover in little corn island,  where you can enjoy some quality time in crystal clear water, scuba diving,  at the same of appreciating the local main export – Lobster  which you can buy for only $7.
Even though the country is rich in nature, it is also rich in culture. Only 30 minutes from the Capital Managua, you can stay at colonial city of Granada a few steps from the lake of Nicaragua, where the volcanic OmetepeIsland relies. In the lake, you can also enjoy local fresh water fish in one of the 300 volcanic islands ‘Isletas’.

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