Thursday, 29 January 2009

Corfu holidays 'lush and green'

In news that may interest people planning Corfu holidays, TripAdvisor has named the island one of the top ten in the Mediterranean, according to Reuters.

"Corfu features a lush green landscape and serene, white beaches," the travel website observes, recommending that visitors taking Corfu holidays head to one of its Venetian fortresses or merely doze beneath an olive tree, perhaps before sampling the buoyant nightlife on offer.

Michele Perry, a spokesperson for TripAdvisor, described the Mediterranean as great for tourists looking for destinations with their own unique character, adding that all the sea's islands share clean beaches and glorious sunshine.

In related news, the Independent recently described Corfu as one of the "loveliest islands" in Greece, with Corfu Town, the Jewish quarter and the Esplanade highlighted as among the island's most popular attractions.

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