Thursday, 29 January 2009

Corfu trail: Corfu

As temperatures, though still warm, begin to get cooler, walkers will find that Corfu is an ideal destination for an active and adventurous holiday.

Taking the Corfu trail will not only challenge walkers but give them an ideal glimpse into the culture of Corfu and some fascinating views of its landscape.

According to the over 100 friendly villages, abandoned manor houses and monasteries await holidaymakers along the trail.

Taking walkers along tracks, mule paths, dirt roads and avoiding highways is the best way to see Corfu and the trail does just that starting in the south and heading north.

Avid walkers could spend as many as 11 days walking the trail but for those staying in the south of the island it is perfect for enjoying a day of walking that is not too strenuous, as the trail is hardest in the north.

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