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Post-war restoration has put the Old City back on the map as one of Europe's most beautiful and enchanting. It is a place for quiet exploration and relaxing, as well as sunbathing and swimming. Dubrovnik's airport is situated some 20km south of the city, close to the resort town of Cavtat. Croatian Airlines fly to Dubrovnik.

If you are going for longer than a weekend, it would be worth combining your trip with a visit to one of the Dalmatian Islands, which are easily accessible by Jadrolinja ferry. Check the timetable and plan your itinerary before you leave, since not every island is accessible every day - and don’t buy your ticket in this country before you leave, because it will cost a fraction of the hard currency price if you buy it on the quay.

Via www.medestino.com you can arrange good deals on air tickets and you can alsobook hotels and arrange transfers. Dubrovnik is a great city break destination all-year round. The Dubrovnik festival of classical music and theatre, which runs from July to August, attracts soloists from around the world and offers opportunities to attend concerts in some of the Old City's most beautiful buildings. The best time to go to visit the nearby beaches and islands is during the summer, from June to September.

There are plenty of things to do. Wander along the narrow cobbled streets (some only a couple of metres wide) and elegant squares of Dubrovnik. There is no shortage of museums and churches to visit, including The Dominican Monastery near the Ploce Gate, still home to an order of monks. The Rector’s Palace, a 15th-century Venetian palace, is also worth a look. There is an aquarium by the harbour, next to the Maritime Museum. Along the coast, the water is beautifully clear, the beaches are not sandy but flat and rocky. Boats to local islands come and go all day.

Fish is particularly prevalent along the coast and the country’s proximity to Italy has also had an influence on the cuisine. You”ll find superb shellfish and squid risottos, abundant and affordable lobster and, of course, plenty of pizzas and pastas.

By Marina Sanetti

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