Thursday, 29 January 2009

Holy Week is full of tradition in Corfu

On Tuesday people are invited to talk to the monks in the moestaries of Corfu and the traditional mass incorporates the Kassianis Hymn.

Thursday is also an important day in the week and one where the culture of Corfu is really experienced.

A mass dedicated to the 12 Apostles takes place on Thursday and holiday makers will note the 12 candles lighted at the beginning of the service and blown out after a reading of each Apostle.

During the evening the gastronomic culture of the region is also celebrated and the locals eat Kolombina, a traditional dish of sweet bread with a red egg on top.

The meal is shared and then the ceremony of the Crucifixion can begin before the solemn atmosphere of Good Friday.

The morning of Good Friday starts with the ceremony of the "Deposition from the Cross" and church goers pay their respects.

Visiting Corfu during Holy Week will give holiday makers a chance to view the religious culture behind the island as well as the stunning scenery and good weather.

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