Thursday, 29 January 2009

Light and sounds of a Corfu holiday

The Old Fort is the venue for the spectacular display of colour that is held several nights a week throughout the summer months meaning holiday makers will be sure to attend it.

But if visitors should miss the light show, Corfu Fort is still worth a visit.

Originally attached to the mainland, the Venetians dug a moat in the 16th Century to allow them to hold off the Turks.

Many cultural events, as well as the light and sound show, take place inside the fort that has been restored over the years.

The defensive moat is known as the Kontrafosa and inside the fort is the church of St George.

The Old Town that is found within the fort is also worth a visit as the labyrinth of narrow streets are often too narrow for traffic meaning holiday makers staying in a Corfu villa can take the opportunity to explore.

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