Thursday, 29 January 2009

Picnics are a tradition not to miss on a Corfu holiday

Taking place after the last Sunday of Carnival, Clean Monday is celebrated by locals and travellers enjoying a Corfu holiday.

Picnics are taken into the countryside where a relaxing day is spent winding down after the rigours of the carnival.

Special Lenten foods such as taramosalata, octopus, calamari and flatbreads are washed down with plenty of wine.

Locals also fly kites which can be seen soaring over the island in the clear sky.

Visitors planning a trip to Corfu will find the small island is packed with events during March and April as preparations for Easter get underway.

Taking a cheap villa in Corfu gives holiday makers the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the traditions and countryside of the island as well as the culture.

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