Friday, 23 January 2009

Where do they stay when they are in Belgrade

A few days ago Ana Ivanovic was at the "Zira Center" in Belgrade where she was interviewed by Serbian broadcaster Pink TV ... check out what Ana Ivanovic said...

Nenad Stefanovic, Pink TV: It is a great honor and pleasure of mine to have Ana Ivanovic beside me, here in a cozy atmosphere at the Zira hotel. Ana, you raised the trophy in Linz yesterday, today you are here in Belgrade. Yesterday’s victory in Linz cannot be compared to Roland Garros, but I think it means psychologically almost as much as that one.
Ana: For sure it does. Every final is a special event, a special experience, so I am very happy with the title. Especially after the last couple of months I had and I am extremely happy to regain the form I had during Roland Garros.

You are hitting form at the right time. Doha is waiting for us, the Masters, top eight players in the world, and it’s all during the time you will be celebrating 21st birthday. I guess it would be nice somehow to link those two.
Ana: Yes, it would certainly be nice. I am reaching my form, I’m playing every new match better and better, which means that I am happy ahead of the Doha tournament. Naturally, there will be the best eight players and every match will be a tough one, but I want to enjoy my time on the court like I did in Linz and Zurich and we’ll see how it goes. It is a special present to be there for my birthday.

Last time we spoke, a year ago here in Belgrade, you told me that you had been waking up not knowing in what hotel and city you were. I guess these things happen considering the fact that you are a big world star. Recently, German newspaper Bild announced a survey where you were elected by more than 50 per cent of voters as the best-looking female sportsperson in the world (Ana is visibly shocked). On the other hand, billboards with your face on them, with sponsors you are connected to, are in almost all big cities throughout the world. How do you deal with that pressure, being just 20-years-old?

Ana: It definitely flatters me. It is because of how I play tennis and due to the results I achieved on the tennis court, but definitely every girl likes to get a compliment and I am no different. That’s why I am happy and satisfied about it. However I want to work very hard and achieve the goals I set, and they concern the tennis court.

When was the last time you had a day off? I don’t consider only tennis, but anything that has to do with working.

Ana: It was a long time ago. It was certainly…maybe even a month now. But it doesn’t matter. I am really happy with what I do. Every day I spend on court and achieve something that I improve from, means a lot to me.
You are in Belgrade here also to work. A Verano calendar photo shoot is waiting for you...

Ana: Yes, we have been shooting a calendar for Verano today in Zira. It is a big honor for me to be working with professionals and the whole team is very cozy and we have spent a nice day together. And I hope that you will be able to see the photos we made soon.

Ana, I would like to thank you, as I know your every second is precious, and also people from Verano. Lots of luck in Doha and I hope for a new title.

Ana: Thank you. Thank you very much. All the best.

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