Monday, 2 February 2009

Ankara hotels and accommodation

Ankara has been the capital of the Turkish Republic since 1923. It’s a large city that reminds most travelers of a city in the West. While it is a large and booming metropolis, it has fewer tourist attractions than one might imagine. However, it’s a great place to spend the weekend. Ankara has two distinct districts; the old city, which was originally called Angora, because of the large production of Angora goat’s wool that was produced here and the new Ankara, the big city. There are Ankara hotels in both areas. can help you find hotels in Ankara, whether you’re looking for a five star luxury resort or one of the discount hotels Ankara offers. If you’re on a budget, finding Ankara cheap hotels is a great way to save cash.

While you’re here, be certain to stroll the Angora area, which is the old city, centered around the old citadel. And, be certain to visit Hattusha, the archaeological site of the once capital of the Hittite Empire. It’s an impressive set of ruins, including preserved temples and ornate gates. You’ll also want to visit Ahi Elvan Camii, a small 13th century mosque that was renovated in 1413. And, see the Caracalla Baths, the remains of Roman baths constructed by the emperor Caracalla between 212 and 217.

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