Monday, 2 February 2009

Bucharest hotels and accommodation

Bucharest, Romania, was once called the Paris of Eastern Europe. After much ruin caused by war, earthquakes and the brutal regime of Ceausescu, Bucharest is finally re-emerging as one of the world’s great cities. Whether you go for a vacation or just a weekend, Bucharest will have something for you in the way of history, cuisine, sports and culture.

Any visitor to Bucharest must see the Princely Court, which is the heart of Old Bucharest. Here you can see the Prince’s Palace, which was fortified by Vlad Tepes (Dracula). There is also the Old Court Church and Manuc’s Inn, the city’s only surviving 19th century inn. Bucharest’s National Art Museum displays 100,000 pieces of European Art.

To visit the Astronomic Observatory, you must book in advance, because this is a very popular attraction. To take a break from Bucharest’s many museums, galleries, churches and other sites, go to Herastrau Lake, which is surrounded by Bucharest’s largest park. You can rent boats or swim, or stroll in the park.

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