Monday, 2 February 2009

Casino hotels

Casino: Are you feeling lucky?? Why not book yourself a holiday with at one of its casino hotels. Are you susceptible to a friendly game of poker or blackjack? Or are you a fan of the slot machines? At these hotels you will be within walking distance of some of the most well known casinos in the world.

Las Vegas, Nevada: If you're looking for a casino, then Las Vegas is the place to go. The Las Vegas Strip is home to most of the famous hotel and casino resorts in the world. Many of the hotels in Las Vegas have adjoining casinos, just imagine you won't even have to leave the building!

London: Currently British gambling laws make it illegal for casinos to advertise openly. But if you look hard enough you'll find them, especially in the West End.

Atlantic City, New Jersey: The Las Vegas of the east coast. Book an Atlantic City vacation and try your hand at one of the many world famous casinos located on the boardwalk.

Monte Carlo: "The playground of the rich and famous." Pack your dinner jacket and pretend to be James Bond at some of the most prestigious and glamarous casinos in the world.

Macau: The whole economy of Macau relies on gambling, with around 50% of Macau's official revenue driven by gambling. Macau has become known as both the "Monte Carlo of the Orient" and the "Asian Las Vegas."

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