Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ljubljana hotels and accommodation

Ljubljana (pronounced Loob-li-yana) is the capital of Slovenia. Residents claim it was founded by Jason and the Argonauts of ancient Greek legend, but the oldest ruins found here are Roman. Ljubljana has a small but charming Old Town with such a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere it would be easy to stay here for a whole vacation, let alone a weekend. Ljubljana has many excellent sidewalk cafes and an exciting nightlife. Guests staying in Ljubljana hotels can easily do a walking tour of the Old Town. Ljubljana Castle and the nearby Tower offer some great views. Here a “virtual museum” allow you to ‘fly’ through the city’s history. Visitors will also want to see the Art Nouveau Buildings, the Triple Bridge and Presernov trg (Main Square). For magnificent frescoes, see the 18th century Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Also well worth a visit is the National Museum.

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