Monday, 2 February 2009

Nicosia hotels and accommodation

Nicosia might be the nicest city in all of the Republic of Cyprus to visit. The city of Nicosia is also known by the name of Lefkosia and happens to be the largest and capital city of the Republic of Cyprus. Being the capital city you know Nicosia will have some very lovely places to visit while on a trip there. Some of the best sites to visit in Nicosia include the Kukkos Monastery, the Kykkos Monastery Gardens, and the beautiful Eleftheria Square.

These places to visit in the city are all very beautiful and located within a very short distance of the best hotels in the Republic of Cyprus. The hotels in Nicosia are very simple to locate if you use a great source. The best source for finding the great deals on the hotels you want is the site You will find all the hotels you are interested in for the prices you can afford.

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