Monday, 2 February 2009

Rome hotels and accommodation

When someone says they’re going to Rome for a vacation, you’ll know they will have the best vacation ever! Millions of tourists from around the world flock to the center and the biggest city in Italy. There are so many places to visit Rome but of all the places that you can visit, you might as well start with the Trevi Fountain. Through the day, you can see tourists throwing their coins hoping to find someone but at night, it’s even more beautiful with the lights that come from the water. If you’re on a guided tour, you’ll also end up in the ruins of the Roman Coliseum. Built in 72 A.D. you can almost feel the chilling accounts the guide will tell you, about gladiators slashing beasts of wild and men. The Roman Forum may be a mess to look at, but the history behind it tells far more than just a happy or sad weekend. Rome wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t been to Parthenon, as a place where admission is free, the place should be one of the best places you’ll ever visit. But in all of these places to visit, Rome still has the best trick up her sleeve. Inside the city is the smallest state with the biggest role in preserving art in the world: the Vatican City. Home of the leader of more than a billion Roman Catholics, the artwork in the Sistine chapel, the architectural grandeur of the Basilica and the wonders of the square that lies below the churches will take your minds away.

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