Thursday, 12 February 2009

Shopping in Athens

Downtown Athens is a shoppers paradise. Besides the areas of the Plaka and Monastiraki which are well known to travelers for their large variety of tourist shops all of central Athens is a shopper's Mecca. Streets that were once choked with traffic have now been closed to all motor vehicles and this diverse shopping area has become a walking shoppers paradise with every kind of shop you can imagine, and some you never imagined existed. There are street merchants selling everything from scarves to devices that make stuffed grape leaves or hollow out a zucchini. The clothing shops have quality men and women's apparel from all over the world and the shoe stores make you wonder why your choices at home are so limited. Check out Spiliopoulos towards the bottom of Ermou where I buy my shoes. It is like a shoe-free-for-all that can be like the NY Stock Exchange during a buying frenzy. If you go to the end of Ermou and turn right on Athinas Street there are a number of clothing shops where you can find more casual stuff, jeans, T-shirts and these wild Polynesian shirts that I am not allowed to get because they make me look like I weigh 300 pounds (according to my wife). Speaking of weight there is a clothes shop on Athinas street between Ermou and Agia Erinis with clothes for big people. Really big people. On the same street you can buy cool souvenir shirts, not like the ones they sell in the flea market or the Plaka. The kind that even Greeks buy.



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