Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Timisoara hotels and accommodation

Timisoara is in Romania’s Crisana and Barat region, near the border with Hungary. It is an administrative centre, set in the richest agricultural country in Romania. But even though Timisoara is a modern, prosperous city, it is somewhat off the beaten track for tourists, and many people who might enjoy a Timisoara weekend or even a full vacation in Timisoara hotels, miss the place altogether. It was here in 1989 that the revolt against the dictator Ceausescu began, and a series of sculptures honours the martyrs who died in the revolution. Timisoara’s most beautiful square is Piata Unirii. Here visitors can see the 18th century Roman Catholic Cathedral and the equally impressive Serbian Orthodox Cathedral. Among other must-see sites are the Ethnographic Museum, the old Town Hall and the 14th century Huniades Palace. Every October the Bastion Exhibition Centre hosts a week long beer festival.

Hotels in Timisoara run from the expensive Vila International (originally a villa for Ceausescu), to much more economic lodgings. For information on discount hotels, Timisoara cheap hotels and other budget accommodations, go to

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