Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Europe’s largest cultural popular festival!

Ever been to Ghent? If you are around Ghent, Belgium in July, you must certainly attend Europe’s largest cultural festival, the Ghent Festivities.

The Ghent Festivities take over the medieval centre of Ghent for ten days every year. The enormous festival includes a parade, international music, dance, theatre and puppetry festivals, fireworks displays and much more. More than a million people attend every year.

The festival was created in the middle of the 19th century by the Ghent bourgeoisie, aiming to attract prosperous people to the city. From horse races, tournaments, hot air balloons and parades of giants, the festivities have gone through numerous changes before arriving at the format they have today.

No less than four separate international festivals add lustre to the overall programme: the Blue Note Records Festival, the International Street Theatre Festival, the International Puppetbuskers Festival and the dance festival 10 Days Off. During these worldfamous Festivities, you can also attend Polé Polé. At Polé Polé you can enjoy the best live music (in 2007 even the Wailers performed there), floating cocktail bars, colourful food stands and legendary afterparties in an exotic décor. At the Ghent Festivities, the fun never ends! And don’t forget to enjoy a delicious meal or drink at the numerous restaurants and bars in Ghent.

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