Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Top 12 luxury destinations

The New York Times recently published a piece on The 44 Places To Go in 2009. Destinations were placed in categories ranging from Foodie to Frugal to Family, but we’re most interested in the Luxury category.
Here are the top luxury destinations that made New York Times the list. Not one of your favorites? Tell us what you think is the top luxury destination not to miss.
1. Beirut, Lebanon – Despite security concerns, Beirut is quickly reclaiming its title as the Paris of the Middle East
2. Fjallnas, Sweden – A historical, luxury, resort once known to host Swedish loyalty.
3. Maremma, Italy – The beautiful coastline in Southern Tuscany is now a top vacation spot for Hollywood, fashion and culinary elite alike.
4. Phuket, Thailand – Some of the most luxurious resorts in the world reside in this tropical island known for amazing beaches, nightlife and diving opportunities.
5. Monterrey, Mexico – An urban hotspot home to a growing arts and culture scene and funky luxury boutique hotels.
6. Bhutan – Luxury meets Eco-friendly and spiritual travel in this Buddhist kingdom.
7. Seychelles – Unbelievably beautiful beaches line this group of islands where privacy and luxury reign supreme.
8. Boracay, the Philippines – Luxury hotels are bringing this small, relatively untouched island into the limelight of top destinations.
9. Cologne, Germany – An architectural playground for new and modern designs, galleries, and hotels.
10. Red Sea, Egypt - The recent increase of luxury properties has made this historic destination a popular site to combine relaxation and exploration.
11. Kazakhstan – A transformation is occurring bringing modern, thoughtful elements of the arts, dining and hotels to this new centre of luxury.
12. Stockholm – Funky, luxury hotels are popping up in this town combining Scandinavian influence with the host of nightlife opportunities nearby.
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