Thursday, 16 April 2009

Visit London

Sprawled endlessly along the magical banks of the Thames, London has been a beacon for people around the world for centuries, seamlessly absorbing their colourful influences while remaining quintessentially British.

It’s a trick not every city can pull off and yet London has been excelling at the same game for almost a thousand years. Immigrants, the city’s life blood, continue to pour in, providing London with a constantly self-renewing source of energy and dynamism, while the increasingly confident Mayor of London continues to give a much needed local focus to solving the city’s problems, something he’s been doing with not inconsiderable success.

As the British capital gears up for the Olympics being held here in 2012 there’s everything to play for and the city has rarely felt so exciting and full of reasons to visit. Whether it’s the history, art, fashion, music, food or nightlife that attracts you here (or a heady mixture of all the above), it’s hard to imagine you’ll come away feeling cheated.

Of course, London is so huge as to be almost overwhelming to the first-time visitor. The dazzling core sights alone can take a week to see, but with distractions in the form of all the great shopping, pubbing and clubbing to be had, you ideally need far more time than that. The good news is that whatever you do and wherever you stay, you’ll not be bored for a second: London remains one of the world’s great cities and it’s high time you came to join the party. You can easily book a hotel on

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