Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Warsaw, the heart of Poland

You are cordially invited to Warsaw – the capital city of Poland – a city worth seeing. Be our guest here and let yourself get carried away by the unforgettable atmosphere of this place. The only thing you need to do in order to fall under its spell is to spend here a few days.

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw is an unusual city situated in the centre of Europe, on the intersection of communication routes connecting the West with the East and the North with the South of the Continent. It fascinates visitors with history, climate, monuments. Arouses curiosity with its individualism. Intrigues with its multifaceted culture – the sequel of mutual influence of the Western and Eastern Europe. Adopts changes brought by new epochs and preserves tradition at the same time. Every day, surprises with dynamic growth manifesting itself in the conspicuous changeability of its image.

We recommend seeing this city, one of whose characteristic and interesting features is an abundance of contrasts. The reason for this phenomenon results from the fact that antique palaces, churches, buildings and architectonic complexes, monuments in Warsaw, which had suffered a heavy war damage, were meticulously reconstructed and today stand in the vicinity of edifices inspired by modern architecture. Monuments in Warsaw were highly valued by UNESCO. As a consequence, the Warsaw Old Town was honoured with an entry in the list of the World Cultural Heritage.

Visiting the city can be excellently combined with the participation in one of numerous cultural events, for instance, unforgettable piano concerts in the open air at the Memorial to Frederic Chopin, in Łazienki Park. The generally high level of musical performances in Warsaw comes from the fact that the city receives world class artists who participate in international festivals and competitions, such as, the Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition, International Festival of Modern Music named “Warsaw’s Autumn”, “Jazz Jamboree”, or “Warsaw Summer Jazz Days”.

Warsaw is well prepared for receiving guests. Since the 80’s, it has been a place of interest for investors representing international hotel corporations. As a result, till the present day, the list of hotel facilities has been extended by the following chains: Le Royal Meridien, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Marriott, Mercure, Sheraton and Ibis. Apart from hotels of varying type, the city offers youth hostels and camping sites. Consequently, Warsaw offers about 100 hotel facilities with 20 000 nights’ accommodation of variable standard. This, in turn, makes it possible for any visitor to select a preferable vacancy in terms of criteria like prices and demands.

The city’s architecture harmonizes with spacious squares, parks and gardens, monuments. Warsaw, as a metropolis pulsing with life, rivals other European cities. Those fortunate who have visited it, will take home unforgettable impressions. And those who wish to stay for a longer time - are offered a chance to do so.

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