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The August Cultural Events

Festivals in Corfu
Like every part of Greece, Corfu has many religious festivals and celebrations and, like every place that has a big city, it offers various events throughout the year, and especially during summer.

Here are some of the religious and non religious festivals and events that take place on Corfu.

This cultural festival take place during the entire month of August, in the village of Ano Korakiana and consists in various expositions and cultural events that can be seen and lived in the streets and in some cultural centres of the village.

The Festival of Garouna and Ano Gerakiana

This three days festival takes place in the villages of Kato Garouna and Ano Gerakiana, during the first week-end after the 15th of August.

The festival consists of various cultural events organised by the association of the people of the two villages who are permanently leaving in Athens and return to their birth land during summer time.

The Sound and Light Show

This beautiful festival gathers various events playing with sounds and lights which are taking place in Corfu Town during the summer period.

The Cricket Festival

This custom is a heritage from the British domination, taking place during summer time, on the Esplanade Square (in Corfu Town), where there is a huge cricket ground, the only one in Greece. English teams are also participating in these cricket competitions.

The Carnival

The Carnival of Corfu resembles a lot to the Carnival of Venice, as it has its roots in the Venetian rule of the island in the 17th century. Many traditional costumes occur in the Old Town as well as a great parade in Liston.

The Anniversary of the Union

Every 21st of May, in Corfu Town, the inhabitants of the island celebrate the day of the union of Corfu with the new Greek State with dances and great banquets.

The Festival of Corfu

The festival of Corfu is one of the most important festivals of the island; it takes place in Corfu Town during the month of September and consists in various cultural events such as concerts and choruses, philharmonic orchestra and bounds, theatrical and other artistic performances, all executed by Greek and foreign artists.

The Feast of Agios Spyridon

In Corfu Town, on the August 11th and on Good Saturday, litanies and celebrations are held in honour of Saint Spyridon, patron of the island.

The Varkarola

This is the name of a feast which is celebrated in Corfu Town every August the 10th with choirs in boats filling the bay of Gaios and singing cantades (traditional romantic songs from the twenties), while fireworks are illuminating the sky.

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