Thursday, 7 May 2009

Explore Europe's finest hiking destinations

Take the time to truly indulge, travelling the path less well trod
There is no need to spend hours cooped up in an airplane in order to be truly free, slowly touring scenery so dramatic that you wouldn't believe it had you not seen it with your own eyes. Europe is awash with breath-taking wildernesses, awe-inspiring coastlines and humbling panoramas, ranging from the Alpine peaks of France to the astonishing pine forests of Bavaria, the amazing coastline of the Turkish Aegean to the nature filled wetlands of Spain.

Regardless of the number of walking holidays in Europe you have done, there is always another hiking trail in Europe waiting to take your breath away. With the whole of Europe at our disposal from the UK, and a European rail network that makes it easy to hop from any hiking trail in Europe to another on the other side of the continent in just hours, it has never been easier to explore the variety of astonishing landscapes on a European walking holiday. There can be no finer way to make any stress simply wash away than delving deep into a region's countryside and culture under your own steam, far from the usual tourist traps and with nothing but the sun on your face and the sounds of nature filling your ears. Travelling on foot is one of the only ways to truly get a feel for a location, understand the culture and eat only local foods, and you will always receive a warm welcome from the locals. The only problem comes when you try to select a destination from the hundreds of sensational spots from which to start your self guided European walking tour!

European walking holidays are not only for serious walkers. Of course, many hiking trails in Europe require a good level of fitness, and in some cases an experience of mountaineering is hugely beneficial, but for those who have never taken a full walking holiday in Europe, there are some beautiful self guided European walking tours to do, taking just a few hours and giving you a magnificent insight into the landscape without strenuous climbs or obstacles requiring the agility of a mountain goat. Even an hour's venture into areas like the Black Forest will stay in your memory, and most likely inspire you into taking many walking holidays in Europe in the near future.

Self guided European walking tours are in a league of their own. By taking private rental accommodation for your walking holiday in Europe, you not save a huge amount of money but also, and most importantly, can walk at your own pace, safe in the knowledge that you can change your plans at a moment’s notice if you discover a hiking trail that captures your imagination. Flexibility is key on self guided walking holidays in Europe, especially as in any places, lunches are wonderfully leisurely and often very large! A self guided European walking holiday also means that you can avoid the usual walking hot spots, allowing you to have the countryside almost completely to yourself. Spring and autumn, traditionally not the walking peak time, are fantastic times to take a walking holiday in Europe, as the weather is usually still hot, but with some of the sting of midday temperatures removed, as well as any possible tourist crowds.
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