Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Global Gastronomic Tourism

Eat and drink your way round the world's finest culinary destinations!
One of the best things about visiting a different country is the cuisine, which is why for example so many people head to the Mediterranean each year. Its delectable combination of sun, sea, scenery and food is among some of the best to be found in the world. However while you can't bring the sunny climate home, you could bring back some Mediterranean culinary know-how.

Gastronomic tourism is one of the finest ways to throw yourself into local lifestyles and cultures whilst on holiday. Touring local markets, visiting farms and vineyards and frequenting small, family run restaurants gives you an unrivalled insight into the daily lives of the local population, whilst allowing you to fully indulge in the finest foods and wines on the market, and even increase your culinary prowess.

Food always makes an important part of a holiday, and there is no better way to ensure that you eat only local produce than by taking private accommodation for your gastronomic holidays. Culinary tourism provides visitors with both an authentic culinary education and a far greater understanding, appreciation and connection to a destination. If you are a huge fan of a particular culinary delight, from champagne to Parma ham, exploring the region of origin can provide you with both magnificent recipes and a fascinating insight into the history, production and ideal preparation.

The finest gastronomic holiday destinations tend to seamlessly combine culinary delights with breath taking scenery and high culture. Gastronomic tourism in France, Italy and Spain is particularly good at this, offering a huge range of English speaking culinary education and cooking courses, allowing you to genuinely discover the best of local cuisine and cookery practices. Cooking holidays are a real treat, and after all, the best meals are always those you cook yourself, especially if you are eating it with a glass of local wine, looking out over sublime scenery from the veranda of your own, private holiday villa!

There is no purer form of indulgence than gastronomic tourism and cooking holidays under azure skies, surrounded by breath taking scenery. Choosing a gastronomic destination with plenty of activities means that you can work off a few pounds after a long, leisurely lunch, and build a healthy appetite before the evening draws in! So why wait? It’s time to immerse yourself into the flavours and traditions of one of the world's finest culinary centres.

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