Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Greece in July 2009

The heart of summer in Greece

Greece and the Greek Islands has a large variety of cultural events. July in Greece is generally a busy month, full of events. The major Greece cultural events are:
The Hellenic Festival takes place in Athens’ Herodes Atticus theatre and offers a large range of performances: modern and ancient theatre, ballet, opera, jazz and classical music, dances, symphonic music and great singers and many other special events. The festival takes place from June 2 to September 28.

The International Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in Athens, in June, is welcomed by the theatre of Lycabettus. Lycabettus also welcomes every year many other events such as music, dances and theatrical performances from the national and international scene.
The Epidaurus Festival: The ancient theatre of Epidaurus welcomes a festival of Classical drama performances every summer during the months of July and August. It is one of Greece’s top events which attract thousands of visitors every year.

July 2009 is also a great month in Greece for more modern music and dance festivals. Looking for Rockwave 2009, often held in July? It's at the end of June this year.

The Thraki Ethnic Festival runs in July. This is not the notorious old Samothraki Dance Festival, but a new, tamer fest devoted to world music; it left Samothraki for a new location on the mainland not far from Alexandropolis. On Folegandros, the Folegandros Festival ran from July 5th to July 20th in 2008. It included a film festival, dance exhibitions, and concerts by Chainides and other groups. 2009 dates are not yet listed as of April 2009, so you may want to double-check this one before you go.

From July through September, the city of Rethymnon on the island of Crete hosts a Renaissance Festival which takes full advantage of its Venetian past. Rethymno is often overlooked by visitors to Greece, which is a shame as it offers great historic sites, interesting architecture, fun shopping, and some top-notch restaurants and traditional music venues.
Up in the village of Anogi on Crete, the Yakinthia provides an unusual look at Greek life in late July. And on Corfu, Cricket Week draws international fans of the game, not the bug.
At Delphi, ancient drama is the subject of presentations, plays, and events; again, confirm this year's dates directly. This beautiful mountain town and its great archaeological site are must-sees any time; with this festival, it's even better.

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