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Health Spa Holidays in Romania

The blend of curative and recreational tourism turns Romania into a reference point in Europe. Romania owns a great number of health resources offered by nature to prevent the illnesses, throwing away the stress and recovering health and work capacity:
One third of all Europe's mineral and thermal springs - 3000 in total -are located in Romania. They are unrivalled in the range of their curative properties. Baile Herculane Spa (founded by the ancient Romans), Baile Felix Spa or Calimanesti (from which the Emperor Napoleon III ordered waters in preference to any available in France) are well known health resorts and represent important Romanian attractions.

Today 70 spas all over Romania provide relief or rheumatic complaints, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the digestive and nervous system, skin and gynaecological problems and geriatric weakness. Natural cures are supplemented by physiotherapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, plant essences and specialized drugs, like the Romanian - developed Gerovital H3 and Pell Amar.

Romania has been a renowned spa country since Roman times and you have the choice of several centres throughout the country, practicing the whole range of cures under the most modern of conditions.

Two popular areas are the Black Sea coast and Covasna at the foot of the Vrancea mountains.

Covasna ‘The Resort of 1,000 Health Springs’.
Refreshing, pleasant mountain air at an altitude of between 550 and 600 m. The resort has many natural factors including hypothermal, bi-carbonated and sodic waters that are recommended for rheumatic, digestive and cardiovascular diseases.

Black sea coast

The Romanian coast of the Black Sea offers the opportunity of spending holidays, combined with balneary and geriatric cure and therapy. The climate is temperate with up to 12 hours sunshine per day in the summer. The air is well ionized, rich in marine aerosols, thanks to the waves and breeze.

Popular resorts for Romanian health spas:

Eforie Nord - The resort has a balneary complex formed of the ‘Delfinul’, Meduza’ and ‘Steaua de Mare’ hotels, which are directly linked to an up-to-date cure centre.
Neptun-Olimp - The most fashionable resort at the Black Sea coast, built between the beach and oak tree wood of Comorova, it offers a wide range of services including balneary treatments and cure centre.

Germisara Hotel Resort & Spa - Offering opulence and a plethora of facilities, this stunning spa property presents the ideal spot for recharging your batteries or sampling a range of active pursuits. Situated specifically in the watering and climatic resort of Geoagiu Bai, embrace the luxurious comfort of the bright interiors and the emphasis on health and vitality.

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