Friday, 29 May 2009

Scenic Drives In Europe

When your body gives up and the soul is wrung dry then it means that you need to take a break from everyday hustle bustle and what better way than going for a long scenic drive across some of the most beautiful drives of Europe’s that are praised by adventurers and tourists all over the world?

If you have an international driving permit then do not wait, simply hit the road. However we suggest that you take a driver along with you and occupy the front window seat beside the driver to enjoy the full impact of natural beauty.

Dolomite Road Italy

One of most beautiful picturesque highways of the world with steep mountains, hugging cliffs and waves kissing the foot of the high mountains through which the road moves. The sights are really beautiful with Dolomite Mountains.

Another attraction is the small wooden villages cocooned in the green mountains. They still speak some German dialect of the middle ages and here if you want you can have a contact with history itself. They also have beautiful village fairs and festivals.

The Cotswold England
The classic English laidback life, soothing greenery, cheddar cheese and beer sums up the life of the people of the counties over which this road moves. One of the quietest and most beautiful drives of the world.

The French Riviera France
Winding coastal highway dotted with villas, casinos straight out of the James Bond movies and lots and lots of celebrities. This is one place you won’t like to miss.

Rhine River valley
Massive Forts, fairy tale castles, historic bridges, signs of war and medieval history line up the highway of the Rhine River valley. It is one of those place where you will find that time has stopped. Drive slowly through this highway and you will find that you have been transported to the ancient world of Germania.

The tiny Greek island of Crete has some breathtaking drives through craggy mountainous terrain and tiny, stone-house villages, including a four-hour journey from the waterfront city of Chania to seaside Palacohora.
Europe has more to offer then one person might think.. If you are interested in discovering this beautiful continent, visit our website for more information.

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