Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Are there True advantages in planning your holiday ahead, or is this just a Myth?

Are there True advantages in planning your holiday ahead, or is this just a Myth?

Should you book early or wait till the last minute in the hope of grabbing a bargain for your holiday deal? Many of us could learn from those who get a deposit down on their next holiday way ahead of the departure date. What are the advantages of booking early?

Early bookers can take advantage of a huge range of offers.
For holidays in 2011 you could get discounts of up to 15% off the brochure prices, free child places, single savers, no regional flight supplements and added value extras.
Secondly you can secure your holiday for a deposit. Most holiday companies allow you to book your holiday for a nominal deposit when you book at least 12 weeks ahead of your departure date.
You are able get the best choice. The further out you book the more choice there is in terms of destinations, flights, hotels and room types. So you have the pick of everything on sale and can ensure that you get the holiday that is right for you.
The best part; you get the lowest prices.
This is contentious; however for some types of trip you will generally get the lowest prices when you book early. Flights are generally cheaper the earlier you book. Only charter flights are ever cheaper when you book late.
Holidays that have a lot of demand such as all inclusive holidays, or those to the big fashionable destinations for the year, such sell out and do not need to be discounted. In fact at the last minute they can command prices that are higher than the brochure.

Our conclusion is that the earlier you book the better value you will be getting for your money. Last years trend we could clearly see that last minute deals were popular however this year and next year, planning ahead is the way to go!

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