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The Slovenian Monte Carlo

The Slovenian Monte Carlo

A mix of hot weather, dream beaches and casinos make Portorož an attractive destination during all the year. For Portorož the word “touristic season” does not exist, the town and its surroundings are lively and full of tourists all year long.
Portorož is the brightest point on the coast of the Slovenian Bay of Piran. The city is located in the most popular part of the Slovenian coast, not so far from the historical city of Piran, which should be considered as a contrast to Portorož vivacity.
It seems unbelievable that the city which was in the past a religious site, is today a gambling place, attracting hundreds of thousands tourist every year. In the 12th century there were four monasteries and a dozen of churches, the Benedictines moved into the area at that time and started to produce medicines from the salt mud as well as taking the benefit from the healthy air. One of the oldest churches was “Sancta Maria Roxe” which gave the name to the bay »Portus sanctae Mariae de Rosa« and later to the place.
The development of the city as a touristic destination started later in the 1879 when a Piranian doctor discovered the power of salt mud for curing rheumatism. From 1880 the tourists started coming from all across the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And the bankers and businessman from the region started to build villas and resorts. In the 1890's the idea to build a larger hotel, the ancestor of today’s Hotel Palace, arose. Portorož got her current image in the 60s and 70s, but is still growing and developing, for example with the latest diamond among the hotels, Hotel Kempinski.
Portorož is a strategic city with its own Marine and even with its own airport. It is also well connected with the rest of the Slovenia. And when you have explored about everything Portorož has to offer you can just lift the anchor and sale to towards Venice (98km) or Pula (92km).

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