Tuesday, 21 June 2011

World’s top 10 Caribbean Destinations: 1. Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island and tourists visit the island in abundance every year. Studded with sensuous beaches, skyscraping mountains and lush landscapes, it's a vacation destination for those in search of pure relaxation. A visit to Port Royal will open a treasure chest of the island's hidden history. The city was a refuge and port for many of the real pirates of the Caribbean. Legendary men like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard made frequent stops at the city that used to be known as the "wickedest city on Earth." Another region of the island with a mysterious attraction is the small village of Bath, which is home to the oldest and most cherished secrets: natural healing springs. The sulfur in the water is said to have therapeutic and restorative powers.

There are many quiet and peaceful vacation spots, like Negril, Navy Island, Hellshire Beach, Fort Clarence and Ocho Rios. Besides relaxing on the beach, Jamaica holds a vast variety of activities to do around the isle, enjoy golf, tennis, polo, bicycle racing, cricket, soccer, water-sports, horse racing, rafting and mountain climbing. Jamaica also offers a wide range of food preferences. A spicy, colorful mix of cuisine includes ackee and salt fish; rice and peas; jerk chicken, fish and pork; curried goat; pepper pot soup; roasted yams; banana fritters; salads; fruits and exotic desserts.

One cannot visit this paradise without listening to the country’s music, which consists of folk ballads, work songs, revivalist hymns and, of course, reggae. Or enter a world of creations in straw, clay, fabric, shell, wood and semi-precious stones. Crafts are influenced by African, Indian, European and Arawak cultures and they depict life and landscapes featuring bright colors and bold lines. Another popular activity is the theater: From the 19th-century Ward Theater innovates little theaters and thriving centers for drama in Kingston, Jamaica features a broad range of theatrical treats. Plays depict a variety of Jamaican experiences.

Jamaica is not just a place of beautiful beaches but there is so much to see and do in Kingston, such as going to Coconut Amusement Park, The Bob Marley Museum, Little Theatre, (where Pantomimes are shown), Brunch at Devon House or just taking a leisurely stroll along King Street. Make your next vacation spot the beautiful Island of Jamaica and to help you find the most affordable prices please visit:

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  1. Every time I go on a trip I like to learn more about its citizen´s interests. As you say about the music, when I went to Argentina, I wanted to know what kind of rhythms were the most popular there. I found out it was cumbia and reggaeton since I was living in one of those Buenos Aires apartments and my roommate took me to a typical disco.


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