Monday, 25 July 2011

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson on Holiday in Greece

The nicest actor in the world has been accused of diva like behavior. Gossip website Holy Moly is reporting that he was holidaying in the Greek village of Epidavros last week on his massive yacht. The locals loved him saying he was down to earth and friendly.

Until his chef stood on a sea urchin and got several nasty spikes in his foot.

Tom then became terrified of befalling the same fate so ordered his staff to clear the water of any offending sea urchins before he would swim again.

It's not strange that Tom and Rita choose Greece to spend their holiday; Rita's father was born in Greece.

Besides that, Epidavros is a beautiful place. It's located amidst the blue of the Saronic Gulf, well protected on its own smaller gulf of Epidavros, with the scent from the valley's orange blossoms meeting the sea breeze in its picturesque and friendly port, with pine trees descending its slopes to offer their shade to its beautiful beaches. Ancient Epidavros, traditional yet modern, both tranquil and cosmopolitan, is always ready to welcome travelers whatever the season. 
Midway along the east coast of the Argolid district, easy to reach by road via the Corinth Canal or by sea aboard a Flying Dolphin from Piraeus, with its houses spread out amphitheatrically from the sea inland, the little town is built on the site of the ancient city-state of Epidavros. The local church, St. Nicholas, is built on the ruins of the Temple of Hera and, nearby is the Sanctuary of Asklepios the Ancient Theatre that attracts thousands of visitors every day. 
Quiet pleasant people, occupied in fishing, tending orange groves and tourism, a mild climate, beautiful surroundings and a sound infrastructure provide the framework for what today's tourist wants: a pleasant stay, recreation by the sea yet close to greenery, opportunities for all kinds of entertainment and a chance to see the many sights in the area.

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  1. I'm always seeing these $1, $5 and $10 cheap tickets advertised, but does anyone know if these are real or just to get attention?


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