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Hoi An Ancient Town - Vietnam

  While the country has been dramatically developing during the last 30 years, there is still a place in Vietnam that reserves its natural beauty and tradition through all the happenings of history. The town that captures hearts of visitors named Hoi An, which lies on the coast of the East Sea in the South Central coast of Vietnam. Hoi An is located in Quang Nam province and is home to approximately 120,000 inhabitants. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  Hoi An Ancient Town is an exceptional example of a well-preserved trading port from the 15th century to the 19th century. This is the only city in Vietnam that still reserves its ancient looking and feeling. The architecture, traditions, customs, lifestyle have been preserved and many festivals are celebrated annually like it was in the 19th and 20th century. The ancient town is located in the north of Thu Bon River.
  Back to the past, Hoi An was also known as “Faifo” among the French, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. It is said that the name was made because it sounds similar to “Sea town” in Vietnamese. From the 15
th to 18th century, Hoi An was developed as a trading port city. Until Nguyen Dynasty had the control of the country (end of the 18th century) and they changed the main port to another city, Hoi An was one of the biggest trading ports in the South East Asia region. The result was that Hoi An remained almost untouched by the changes to Vietnam over the next 200 years.
Today, thanks to its remaining beauty, Hoi An is one of the tourist attractions in Vietnam. However, to be different from other destinations, Hoi An has a unique tourism strategy. Tourism and preservation have to go together. For three nights every week, the town is lighted by candles and lanterns which bring special peaceful romantic feelings. You will feel it is more special if you are there during the Full moon festival (happens once each month). 

Besides, various restaurants in the town with spectacular local cuisine will surprise you more. Hoi An is famous for different dishes made from rice and noodles cooked with meat or seafood in a really unique way of Central Vietnam.

You shouldn’t expect that much of nightlife in this peaceful old town. But as usual, like every place in Vietnam, you will somehow find interesting places. Bars and pubs are in walking distance, which are various in music types and activities. If you want to have a late night out, there are spots outside the old town. 

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