Wednesday, 23 November 2011

                                                                                                 Pinxos in San Sebastian:
Donostia, San Sebastian, located in the Vasque country, North of Spain. In this region of Spain, people are proud of their roots, their costumes and heritage. One of the most popular activities in the Vasque country is the food, they are well known for their gastronomy and dishes. In San Sebastian in particular, going for tapas is a must do. Walking distance from the old town, you will encounter diverse restaurants that offer a variety of Pinxos and local wine-beers. It is common to enter a bar pick up as many pinxos as you want, the diversitycovers from local Jamon Serrano to shrimp, octopus  or if you prefer you can also enjoy some local olives, mushrooms and many types of vegetables. This activity is highly appreciated, locals and tourist gather together to have a good time socially.  
Along with the normal dishes, many of Spanish best chefs come from the North; some of them have specialized creating miscellaneous gourmet tapas and fusion food that makes this experience a delightful sense of taste and flavors.
The charm of San Sebastian not only relies in its cuisine, the city itself is marvelous. You can enjoy a walk on the beach side, in the summer this sandy shores are full of tourist and local surfers. 
If you prefer more relaxing activities, the city offers diverse cultural events, such as the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Because of its traditional inheritance, this city was elected as one the European Capital of Culture during 2016

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