Monday, 28 November 2011

Cycling around the world!

Backpacking, wandering, and discovering to experience and conquer the world!

That is a reason for the traveler who chooses the bike for his/her companionship. It has become more and more popular and attracted the young nowadays. Why?

He/she likes cycling because it brings him/her the feeling of relaxation and excitement. He/she can stop whenever and wherever he/she wants. He/she can jump off the bike for a second, take photos, spend the day pottering around each corner of any romantic city, or even lie down on the field of greenish grass or white sandy beach. He/she enjoys him/herself entirely, on those narrow roads, in the rural or urban way of life, scenery, people and emotions. On the other hand, traveling by bike is a way to tighten his/her belt for the budget trip.

In another side, cycling is one big adventure and inspiration. Even more importantly though, some adventurers start to feel like more as they are racing, rather than just making it through to the end. To them, it would be more fun and enjoyable than ever!

However, who wants to do a cycling trip must prepare carefully. Cycling is a sport of time. It takes time to train, to get fit, especially for the long trip. Equally, cycling trains your patience, your bravery, and certainly, your health. The cyclist shall never give in under any rough and harsh time. If I can borrow a well-known phrase to express their will, I would say “Hasta la victoria siempre” or “Until the eternal victory”. And the prizes for their endeavor are magic views – the gift from the natural world!

The cycling is just strenuous but beautiful.

Here are some stunning roads for cycling in the world:
1. Otago, NewZealand
Otago is the place to get up close to the local wildlife and rich cultural heritage. Even the sweat is pouring off your back after several hours cycling on the curved roads around the mountains; the tiredness will disappear when heading to the top of the mountain and sight the natural beauty of Otago.


2. Cape Breton, Canada
Cape Breton has been voted as the number one Island destination in the world, renowned as its atmosphere, landscape, friendly and warm people.

3. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Let’s go through all the popular and beautiful cities of Italy to the end point of north-eastern Italy, you will have a chance to experience yourself in a rural way of life in Friuli.

4 La Farola, Cuba
9 km absolutely wonderful of the slope along to the highway La Farola, from the top of the mountain Baracoa down to the Southern Beach cannot be missed in your epic journey.


5 Quốc lộ 1, Vietnam
The National Highway 1 has enormous symbolic significance for Vietnam. It will let you pass through this country from the North to the South, along with beautiful beaches.

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