Monday, 14 November 2011

Light Festival „Staro Riga 2011” („Beaming Riga”)

When:  17 November - 20 November  2011
Where:  Riga – the capital of Latvia
Time: every day from 18:00 till 23:00
Official website:

Beam Riga - tell your story! This year Riga holds this fourth festival of light, along with the celebration of Latvia's  Independence Day.                                                                                            
One of the most popular festivals among Latvians and tourists "Staro Rīga" (Beaming Riga) will run under the theme "City Stories"with lots of artwork on display all over the city.

The festival of light "Staro Rīga" is a several-day exhibition of outdoor installations, used to transform Riga's panorama using modern light and video technology. The festival is continuously growing: the first year featured 27 artworks, but last year saw 75 large-scale installations!

This year the festival will present around a hundred outdoor installations using any type of city object – buildings, squares, bridges, streets, monuments, etc. The play of light will make the autumn drabness disappear, and will open up a completely different view of the city.
On the bill are competitions, permanent and temporary installations, outdoor advertising billboards, an international programme and more. Every author will present his own story about the city: emotional, passionless, instructive, humorous, bizarre, interesting or provocative.Featuring a tense plot, unusual development and an unexpected ending, the story tells about the city, an urban settlement, a virtual, real or unreal formation.

This is all about Riga celebrating its 810th birthday this year. welcomes everyone to visit historical Riga this Novemebr and to experience the incredible light performances!

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