Monday, 14 November 2011

                                        Festival of Medieval Culture

For the lovers of knight's exotic, relic music and good entertainment the representatives of about 200 knight clubs from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland prepared an amazing show. What  you need are two days, medieval costume and don't forget to bring a good mood and you are ready for Festival of Medieval Culture.
Knights put their camp practically in the line near Novogrudok (Belarus ) in a picturesque location at the foot of Castle Hill. Here are the major demonstrations:
fights arranged by knights,
archers practiced shooting with a crossbow,
 the moat of the castle walls are used as a stadium for brave riders.
If you want to feel like a wizard - no problem!
During the festival you can taste food that our ancestors used to eat. Based on a special recipe, pancakes are made ​​from rye flour, water and honey.
Fully integrate into the atmosphere of the festival will help you the sounds of medieval music
 That place is worth visiting and for sure your high expectations will be met!!! 

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