Tuesday, 15 November 2011

International American Car Festival
Komárom, Hungary

This is time for excited American car lovers to live their lives!!!

Every year, in early August, an amazing 4 day event takes place in Komárom, North Hungary, where enthusiastic car owners can let their cars speak instead of them. The festival is international and there are visitors and cars from all over Europe. Austrians, Germans, Slovakians, Czechs, Polish and Romanians come in large numbers. Furthermore, there are a few French, English and even Swedish and Norwegian car owners who drive all the way to Hungary every year just to enjoy this 4 day event. This year the festival was organised for the 10th time and it attracts more and more visitors and car owners year by year. As compared to the first event in 2001 with 400 cars, this year counted over 1300 cars and this number is increasing substantially every year. What makes it so exciting? Take a look at the schedule and you will understand.

The event starts on Thursdaywith a ‘chilling’ day only for car owners, which is a new addition to
the previous years. This is the best day for drivers to get to know each other better and to show their ‘babies’ they are proud of. Barbecue, beer, drifting, friendly conversations are all part of this relaxing day, a good preparation for the upcoming programs. Usually, by the evening the site is quite packed with cars and tents, as most of the drivers take out Friday as holiday.

The official start day is Friday, when visitors can also enjoy the presence of beautiful cars and exciting programs. Several programs are available for the audience and car owners as well, such as drifting competition, car beauty show and several concerts starting from 6pm. By the evening the number of cars usually doubles as most of the international participants arrive on Friday.   

Saturday is the main day, when the site reaches its peak: 1300 cars and more than 10000 visitors all around the day. International cruising starts at 12pm, when all cars hit town and cross the Slovakian border to entertain foreign people as well. It takes about 2 hours of crazy cruising with people travelling on car roofs and truck platforms converted into a swimming pool. After the cars retire to the site, continuous programs begin to take place in order to keep the audience inspired. Burn out, Slalom, Loudest Car, Low-rider and Big Foot show entertain the audience, and these programs usually last until 6pm. In the evening quality concerts can be seen and amusing atmosphere is guaranteed. The party does not end until 3-4am.

Sunday is a wake-up-late day, time for relaxing after a heavy Saturday night.Continuous car show on the stage takes place and the final program is the raffle – where the main  prize is a real 
American car. By 2pm drivers usually leave the site and the event is over. 

This is a not-to-be-missed festival if you are keen on American cars, contemporary American music, Hungarian cuisine and festival atmosphere.

All photos were taken from http://www.usacar.hu/index2.php?lang=hu

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