Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Poland. Cracow. Kazimierz district.

  The famous director Steven Spielberg has made a movie on these narrow bright streets and called it “the Schindler’s list”. There is an amazing spirit and more history than anywhere else in Cracow. Welcome to the Kazimierz.  Jewish district. The most famous area in the city

 The district is located in the center of Cracow alongside the Vistula River.The composition of beautiful renaissance architecture and nature around creates unforgettable perception and brings you back to the past. 

 There are a few working Synagogues in the center. This is a big spiritual part of the life of the district that was a separate town in the past. Visiting the Jewish house of the prayers is a nice experience, putting you to a deeper understanding of their traditions and belief.  


 There is history all around you, the streets are decorated with different symbols and colors thatmakes the place special.For a long time this district has belonged to the Jewish people. It was their home, the place where they could save their culture. It was apresent from Kingazimierz III, who invited  the Jewish people to move to Cracow in order to develop and modernize the city. The people were grateful to the King and named the district in the honor of him. The Kazimierz district played an important role in the economy of the city since the end of the thirteenth century. It passed through its Golden Times and right now we can see all the wealth of the Jewish heritage.
  There are a lot of cultural events during the year. The festival of Jewish music, the biggest one in the world takes place in the end of June and it is one of the brightest and most cheerful events. People from all over the world gather here to enjoy the beautiful music, dance and have joy. 

 There are some specialties for the gourmets as well. The Jewish restaurants are all over the district offering different delicious meals (kosher food).
  The restaurants are very nice, decorated in a very cozy way so you can feel the calm, amazing atmosphere and enjoy the Jewish traditional meals. The dinner is accompanied by live music and this makes the place and the spent time very special like everything in the district.
 Visiting the Kazimierz is one of the important parts of your stay in Cracow.

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