Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Hungarian Parliament Building

Location:1055 Kossuth Lajos square, Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament is - without any doubt - one of the most visited sights by tourists in Hungary. The popular tourist destination is located in the heart of Budapest, just right next to the Danube. Visitors can see the enormous building from different perspectives: from inside with guided tours walking on the bright red carpets, from the front sitting on the River Ride[1] floating bus on the river or from a bar drinking coffee on the Buda side. It is quite hard to miss it, because it is visible from so many spots.
 Facts about the building:
  •     It is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary
  •     One of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings
  •     One of the world’s biggest governmental buildings
  •     It is currently the largest building in Hungary
 Let us take a short look into the history. Seven years after the merger of Budapest (Buda, Pest, and Obuda) the diet decided to build up a new parliament in 1880. The construction started 4 years later under the direction of Imre Steindl – the winner of the international design competition. The aim of building was to express the sovereignty of the Hungarian nation. The “Country House” was supposed to be finished to the 1000th anniversary of the country (1896), however it was completed justin 1904. During the communist regime a red star was placed on the top of the dome, but it was removed in 1990. The country was declared Hungarian Republic from one of its balconies. Tourists can feel a real historical spirit when visiting the building.
The famous landmark has giant dimensions: it is 268 m long and 123 m wide, there are more than 240 sculptures on the walls, its interior includes 10 courtyards, 13 passenger and freight elevators, 29 staircases and 691 rooms (including more than 200 offices). With its height of 96 m, it is one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest.[2] Today the government uses just the small portion of the building.

Whenever you come and visit Hungary you should not miss this beautiful, Gothic Revival styled building. offers you the chance to live trough this wonderful experience!

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