Tuesday, 22 November 2011

                                   Hamburg. Fish market

Certainly there are a lot of attractions in such wonderful city like Hamburg. Nevertheless there is one thing that you have to visit when you are in this city – it is the fish market. Even if you are not a fan of sea food, come there to eat fresh “fish Brötchen” (sandwich). 
                                                       To get something good you have to wake up very early so it is necessary to be ready for waking up with the dawn (you’ll never regret it). When we approached the market, we found everything that you can see in the pictures: (amazing choice of fresh and fish products)

                                                                                                              You can find whatever your soul (taste) wants 
 And here they are: fresh and tasty with different stuffing

He (sandwich) in en face
Next to the market you can find an early morning concert for those who still have the power and want to enjoy the music and good food. There is a nice way of trading goods. You can get everything in a big basket, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, some different kinds of fish. The basket is going home with you so there is no need for other bags. The whole process is fun and it saves you money.

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