Friday, 2 December 2011

Green Lake

If you decided to go to Austria, make sure, that you have time to visit the park, which is located in Tragoess municipality. What is interesting about this place: there is a lake, which is surrounded by the Alps. To be more precise, you can see the lake only during half of the year in the spring and the summer. Then the water of the Green Lake completely evaporates because of the sun. On its bottom, which is covered with grass and trees you can find… a park with benches and walkways. During the autumn and the winter tourists can walk and admire the wonderful views of the nature.

In the spring, the ice tops of Alps are melting and, as a result, water runs down, fillings up its rightful place. The Green Lake appears again, and the park with trees, grass, benches and walkways is again at the bottom. And now tourists dive into the lake from scuba diving to enjoy the underwater park. By the way, the Green Lake water is very clean and the park at the bottom can be seen from the shore.

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