Friday, 9 December 2011

Prague time!

The Christmas is coming and there is festive spirit in the air. Everywhere. 
All the capital cities in Europe are preparing for this beautiful and warm holiday.There are some places where the magic of Christmas stays for the entire year. For clarifying, the fairy-tail’s spirit follows you all along your stay in such city as Prague, Czech Republic.It is always a good decision to come for a couple of days to Prague. And if you have a big dream, there is a chance that it will come true when making a wish on the Charlie’s bridge.

The Czech Republic’s capital city is always pleased to have visitors and offers a big amount of different interesting architecture, amazing view on Vltava river from the bridges, tasty food (as gulash (cz. Gulaš) with traditional bread dumplings “knedliky”),mulled wine on the street when it is cold outside it is a really good and warm idea. 

For those who are going to spend more time in the city it would be interesting to visit Prague’s opera where opera singers from all over the world show their beautiful talents.
Long, narrow streets with cozy little shops, a lot of tourists everywhere, the smell of grilled sausages in the air, various kinds of beer – this is the spirit of the oldest and most beautiful capital city in Europe.

This is the place that should be on everybody’s “must see” list.

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