Friday, 9 December 2011

Fish with Soy Sauce (Hongshaoyu)


  • Fish fillet                                
  • Soy Sauce 250 ml                  
  • Sugar                                      
  • Pure lemon juice
  • Spring onions 
  • Rice
  • Courgettes
  • Peppers
Fish with Soy Sauce:
Step 1

  • Chop spring onions into long pieces
  • Put the fish and sunflower oil in a frying pan
  • Add pure lemon juice to the fish and fry it as long as it loses its smell and water
Step 2

  • Take out the fish and clean the frying pan
  • Prepare a glass of water in case the fish gets burnt
  • Fry the chopped onions in a lot of oil
  • Put the fish on the top of onions and fry it
  • Add soy sauce to the fish and taste whether it is salty enough
  • Add half handful of sugar to the fish and fry it for another couple of minutes
 Rice with courgettes and peppers:

Step 1

  • Put rice into cold water and start boiling
  • Blend it regularly
  • Taste after 5 mins of heavy boiling and if too sticky add some water
Step 2

  • If rice is wet put into microwave on max power for 5-10 minutes
  • Taste it and if it is soft and dry enough then proceed to step 3
Step 3

  • Fry courgettes and peppers in a frying pan and add salt
  • Add oil and the rice and fry for 1 minute

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